Connection- 2/3 Humans & Tech

A conversation Dr. Cynthia Breazeal

Hola! Welcome to the 2nd part of a lovely and enriching conversation with Dr Cynthia Breazeal where we unpack the perceived and desired tech relationship with humanity.

Disclaimer: this represents my personal thoughts and POV and not Google’s perspectives

❤️ Moments & questions I love from this second episode (run time 18:49 mins)

  • [01:10] How do you make room for empathy for everyone involved in the design process? 👥
  • [04:40] How do you overcome the disappointment of people not understanding your work?🥺
  • [08:15] Collaboration between industry and academia👊🏽
  • [06:15] What is the value of technology that can create social and emotional interactions?🤲🏾
  • [10:44] Transition from building features to user journeys🌁
  • [12:00] Do you feel there’s a dichotomy between what the technology does versus the experience of the technology?🖇
  • [13:00] Technology as a protagonist vs. “tepid tech”🦾💪🏽
  • [15:00] Task oriented robotics vs. can AI help us to flourish?🕺🏻

Episode 1 here

Episode 3 coming soon.

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